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Welcome to the wiki! As you can see, this wiki is called "The Teen Authors Wiki". Normally, it's for ages 13 and above. You can write summaries of stories, POV"s (Point Of Views) for Characters in books, etc. You can also add random pictures to it as well! There's no restriction on this wiki. You can use any wording (including cursing and swearing), and you can make any story that you want. If you aren't a teen, you are still permitted onto this wiki, just be careful what you read and don't learn any bad words or anything.

Have fun with this wiki!



Get ready to be in touch with you're inner creativity! Here, you can write anything you want. It doesn't matter what language you put. You can use any type of language you want. However, there are SOME rules that must be followed or you may be banned. You can write any story, any event, anything you want. However, blogs are disabled on this wiki, so if you want to write anything, just create a new page. Please help this community grow by editing and adding pages! Thank you in advance!


P.S. You can also insert images! It's not only limited to stories! Whether it's something you've drawn or you got from the internet, you can post it here!

However, One Important Rule: There is absolutely no pornography or abusive photos on this wiki. In fact, there won't even be a warning. If you post a picture like this, you will be banned without any warning. I'm going to be the wicked witch about this.


February 4th, 2012 - Wiki Created + First Story

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